Writing Superhero Fiction

Writing Superhero Fiction

Writing Superhero Fiction

Do you enjoy comic books, Marvel movies and the Justice League? Maybe Superman or Batman is more your style? Writing superhero fiction could be just the ticket! Imagine the thrill of writing your very own superhero novel. Get the straight scoop about superhero fiction writing from our training system: Superhero Fiction Writing Mastery. This superhero writing training is designed to let you take advantage of the superhero craze that’s raging across the globe. If you want to be a superhero, then writing your own superhero book is the next best thing!

Superhero Novels

Superheroes are not just for kids anymore. They’ve become serious literature. And that represents a huge opportunity for smart writers. I had the pleasure of reviewing Superhero Fiction Writing Mastery by Mike Neilsen.

I’m a professional writer and have written books and stories in a lot of genres, but it never even occurred to me to write superhero fiction. After reading this highly motivating and well-written book, I think I’m going to give it a try. After all, superhero novels sell very well.

Mike begins by showing statistics about how several superhero novels have sold on Amazon. As it turns out, the top books are selling quite well. Good enough, in fact to make this a very attractive genre in a financial sense.

Superhero Writing

He follows with an excellent description of the genre, which is a great orientation on what kind of stories to write, following by some history. This section is fascinating in it’s own right. Why is this important? Understanding the genre makes it easier to write superhero books! Now that he’s given you some background information, it’s time to set the scene. Begin by figuring out how and why people have superpowers in your universe.  You also need to decide if you want a light-hearted or serious book, and set up your world to a certain extent. He goes into all of this in detail so you’ll know exactly what you need to do when you write your story. His product continues, giving you everything you need to succeed a writing superhero books.

The product is packed with all the other materials, including excellent video courses, that you need to understand exactly how to plot your story, create characters and so on. He even includes worksheets that you can print out and use to build your fictional world and your story.

This product is highly recommended!

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