Is Historical Accuracy Important?

Painless Historical Fiction: Renaissance Era (1)

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It’s early here in Florida and I had a few minutes to think this morning. That’s unusual, because most of the time I get started right away on writing my current book, ghostwriting a book for a client, or creating a blog.

My newest project is a fantasy novel which is set in a medieval time frame. I do love history, but I am by no means an expert in that period of time.

Would readers nitpick my historical facts to death? Would I receive negative Amazon reviews because I got some obscure historical fact wrong?

“There is one HF (historical fiction, red.) writer whose work I will never again read after she had a woman in 13th century England using a spinning wheel. Anyone with any DEPTH of knowledge of the middle ages would know better.” – From a Book Review

The worries actually created a little bit of writer’s block. I found it difficult to work on my story because of the fear of rejection.

Of course, it is a fantasy novel, so perhaps those thoughts are meaningless. Maybe those readers who demand accuracy will give me a pass because, after all, the setting is medieval-like, not medieval. Like the Game of Thrones and Lord of the rings, the background is not Earth at any point in its history.

Still, I found it difficult to write because the worry persisted in the back of my mind.

Just yesterday, I ran across some training from Britt Malka that neatly solved the problem.

It’s awesome when you find the solution to a problem that’s been bugging you for a while. Suddenly I could write again, and last night I stayed awake long past my normal bedtime writing like crazy. The block to my writing was gone and I even finished an entire chapter, which is more than I’ve done in a couple of months on that book.

Why don’t you take a look? I think you’ll find that it will help make your fantasy or historical fiction much more accurate, and eliminate those nagging doubts about whether or not you got your facts right.

Inside “Painless Historical Fiction: Renaissance Era (Fairy Tale)” you get 9​6 pages of period-specific info, details, and important historical events.

The entire purpose is to give you a clear understanding of life in the Renaissance Era so that you can write a work of fiction that impresses readers and is free of embarrassing mistakes. — Britt

This product is highly recommended!

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