Want To Write And Sell Fairy Tales?

I have a confession to make.

When I was growing up, my parents bought a classy leather bound copy of
Grimm’s fairy tales. They put it on the shelf with a few other leather bound volumes, including a beautiful World Book Encyclopedia set.

When I was in grade school, I couldn’t take my eyes off of that volume of Grimm’s fairy tales. What on earth was that about? I imagined magical realms, dragons, dinosaurs, and all kinds of other things.

Imagine my delight when I finally rounded up the courage to take my moms prized possession off the shelf and curl up behind the couch with the flashlight reading those wondrous tales.

Over the next few years, the pages of that book became worn with use.
My mother never knew that I’d been sneaking reads of that book. For some reason, I didn’t think she’d approve. You see, the original Grimm’s fairy tales were not the same as today’s Disneyfied versions. They were much darker. Definitely not suitable for younger children.

Anyway, my love for fairy tales increased as I grew older. I found books
that contained tales from other mythologies, and eagerly read those from cover to cover. I even took a class in high school that used fairy tales in the assignments.

Later in life, I realized that I could actually write fairy tales of my own.

Basically, these were retellings of existing fairy tales.

There easy to write, great fun, and fulfilling.

You can learn how to write your own fairy tale retellings.

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Did you know that fairy tales are still popular even though it’s been more than 400 years since they were first written down?

Britt Malka has hit a home run with her training about how to write novelette that are fairy tale retellings in only 15 minutes a day. Her system works! She’s spent years perfecting the concept, and now she’s presenting it to you so you can accomplish your dreams of being a writer and selling your books.

This complete training motivated me – perhaps I can write a fairy tale retelling as well. Why not?

But are there readers of this genre? Yep, Britt did her research and found authors earning $15,000 a month with 12 books. That’s a great living!

Her training teaches you, a fellow writer, how to write a fairy tale retelling in 15 minutes a day. Keep doing that, and in a couple of months you’ll have a complete, finished novelette.

This 81-page PDF eBook tells you everything you need to know to write in this fast-selling genre.

I’ve poured all my knowledge about how to ​divide up your writing into small daily amounts so that you can profit from writing, finishing, and publishing your fairy tale retelling. — Britt

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